A Go REPL that allows you to do an interactive coding session

Created: August 4th 2019
Updated: December 7th 2019
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Gore is a Go REPL that allows you to do an interactive coding session.


Some terms to help you navigate the post


A REPL for Go; Source.

REPL; Read Eval Print Loop

An interactive coding environment. A REPL allows you to type code directly into a terminal (or webpage) and run code. This is incredibly useful for testing something small out in a language, or for teaching purposes.


To run gore you need to follow the steps oulined in the install guide


After installation you can use gore by running gore from your command line. See Usage Docs for details.

Real World Applications

Gore (and REPL's more generally) are incredibly useful for testing small chunks of code and/or for teaching people with small snippets of code.

Additional information

Gore does have some weird syntax differences from go in some cases. Imports for example are done via:

:import "fmt" // Notice the colon before the import statement

There are also some weird runtime behaviours. Gore behaves similarly to main package programs in go. Any main function defined (or the first function in the case of no main function definition) will be run automatically on every statement (like a Comment or function definition).

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