an object based python api for creating web presentations


ezprez is an object based python api for creating web presentations. The intention is to allow people who don't necessarily know web development to create good looking web presentations.



The demo code below will show off the very basics of ezprez. To run it do the following

  1. Install ezprez: pip install ezprez or sudo pip3 install ezprez
  2. Run the file python3 or python (see below)
  3. Open the newly generated Presentation/index.html in a browser

Real World Applications

Any time you want to do a presentation where you don't want there to be dependencies for accessing the presentation. For example if many people in the audience will only have a phone.

Additional info

Here are some useful additional resources:

from ezprez.core import * from ezprez.components import * # Setup your Slide's (Note they don't need to be added anywhere by default) Slide("Hello world", "This is a basic slide") Slide("Hello world", "This is a basic slide that's black", background="black") Slide("You can also use components", "Like Icons", Icon("fa-heart",color="red")) # Automatically includes the above slides prez = Presentation("This is a demo", "To show off exprez", "") prez.export(".", "Presentation", force=True) # Export files to ./Presentation