Simple progress bars for iterables.



tqdm is a python module that allows you to create progress bars. It works by wrapping an iterable in the tqdm object, more info can be found in the readme from the source code



A module that allows you to create progress bars for iterables in python.



For this demo you will need a few things, i've outlined the requirements below and how to set them up: TQDM: to get tqdm you can either use pip install tqdm or in the folder with this readme run pip install -r requirements.txt


After you have obtained the requirements. in this repo you can see the demo code and actually run it by running python or python3

Real World Applications

This module is incredibly useful for scripts that have any long iteration processes. For example if you are scraping contents from an HTML table on a webpage that has a few hundred entries adding a progress bar let's users (including you) know that the script/program hasn't crashed and is just taking a while to process.




from tqdm import tqdm # The module relies on a class called tqdm inside the module import time # Used to delay iteration to make the progress bar more easily visible # Un-fortmatted tqdm progress bar print("Here is your standard tqdm bar:") for iteration in tqdm(range(10)): time.sleep(.3) # Example of a formatted tqdm bar print("Here is a custom formatted tqdm bar:") iterable = tqdm(range(100)) # Setting iterable wrapped in tqdm as a variable for amount_complete in iterable: # This demo is based on time.sleep(0.25) iterable.set_description(f"Currently at %{amount_complete}") # Allows you to overwrite the default printing style provided by tqdm