An advanced python REPL

Created: August 7th 2019
Updated: December 7th 2019
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ptpython is an advanced python REPL that allows you to do an interactive coding session with extended functionality such as auto completion.


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An advanced REPL for python; Source.

REPL; Read Eval Print Loop

An interactive coding environment. A REPL allows you to type code directly into a terminal (or webpage) and run code. This is incredibly useful for testing something small out in a language, or for teaching purposes.


To run ptpython you need to first install it, the easiest way is through pip pip install ptpython or pip3 install ptpython

Real World Applications

ptpython (and REPL's more generally) are incredibly useful for testing small chunks of code and/or for teaching people with small snippets of code

Additional Information

ptpython has a huge number of extra features to the default python REPL such as autocompletion and multiline. See features docs for more details.

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